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I Am Brave Positive Affirmation Decal For Mirror Motivational Quote Vinyl Sticker Transfer Sticker For Mirror Salon Decor

I Am Brave Positive Affirmation Decal For Mirror Motivational Quote Vinyl Sticker Transfer Sticker For Mirror Salon Decor

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Introducing our Positive Mirror Affirmation Decals, designed exclusively for women who are ready to embrace their inner strength and beauty.

Easy Application and Removal: Applying our decals is a breeze! Each order comes with a detailed step-by-step instruction guide, making it simple for you to achieve a seamless, professional-looking result. When the time comes for a change, these decals can be easily removed without leaving any permanent residue or damaging the surface.


Select a design from the second listing image, then choose a colour and size from the remaining drop down boxes. Then add to cart and proceed to checkout.


Select the size you would like from the drop down box.

Sizes are measurements of the longest sides. (either left to right or top to bottom, whichever is longest)


Made with high-quality materials, our decals are easy to apply and remove, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience. Whether you choose a sleek and minimalistic design or a vibrant and eye-catching one, our decals effortlessly blend with any mirror style, enhancing the aesthetics of your personal space.

Wake up to words that inspire you to conquer your goals, overcome obstacles, and celebrate your unique journey. Our Empowering Reflections Positive Mirror Affirmation Decals are not only a beautiful addition to your mirror but also a powerful tool to remind yourself of your worth and potential.

Transform your daily routine into a self-affirming ritual, boosting your self-esteem and creating a nurturing environment where positivity thrives. These decals are not just stickers – they are symbols of self-care, self-belief, and self-empowerment.

Don't let negative thoughts dim your light. Choose Empowering Reflections Positive Mirror Affirmation Decals and embrace the beauty that lies within you. Start each day with confidence, grace, and a renewed sense of purpose. Elevate your mirror, uplift your spirit, and inspire greatness with our empowering collection today.



The images in this listing are a sample. Check the actual decal dimensions before purchasing. I can make adjustments if you just ask.

Please note that the other accessories shown in the product images are for illustrative purposes only and are not included with the purchase.

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