Can I place wall decals on any surface?
There are some types of paints on the market that claim they are dirt and stain resistant. These paints contain a silicone compound and nothing will stick to it. If you happen to have this kind of paint, you can consider applying your decal to a painted board, glass, mirror or any other clean smooth surface.

Some VOC free paints can cause adhesive failure in wall decals. If you need, contact me for a sample decal that you can test.

Textured walls can also cause a problem. We have had success before but I take no responsibility.

Will Wall Decals Damage my Wall?
Wall decals are designed with a temporary adhesive which should not damage your paintwork. However, I can't anticipate every situation. For the best results, don't apply on peeling paint or anywhere where there is moisture, mold or damage under the paint. Painted walls must be allowed to fully dry for at least 3 weeks before applying a wall decal. If decals are applied too soon after new painting, the decal adhesive could fail and also possibly cause damage. Seller takes no responsibility for damage.

When can I apply on a freshly painted wall?
Paint needs to cure for at least 3 weeks before applying any wall decals. Paint can takes several weeks to fully harden and during this curing time, gasses and moisture are released from the paint. So for best results, give it a few weeks to set.