Glow in the Dark Wall Decal Quote - Star Wars Sticker

Star Wars Wall Decal Glow in the Dark Wall Sticker Quote from Yoda - Do or Do Not there is no Try

We have been been creating and designing modern decals that are unique and individual since 2015.

Decals help to personalise any home or living space. Choosing Fixate for decals makes your life easy, knowing designs are easy to apply.

There is no background to this decal. At day time it will be a white colour, at night it will glow green when charged. The background will be the color of your wall. This decal will need to be charged by a light source in order to glow in the dark.

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Larger sizes may come in two or more pieces to join.

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Wall Decals over 30cm in length are packed inside a shipping carton.
Smaller Wall Decals under 30cm will be shipped inside an envelope.

We know you will love Fixate Wall Decals because we use the highest quality materials.
The advantage to you is that our designs look stunning when installed.
The real value to you is it will bring a modern vibe into your home that you and your friends will love for years to come!

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