Abstract Floral Design

Abstract Floral Design Wall Decal

This decal can be installed on a wall as a whole design. Alternativly it looks effective on an edge of a wall, door way or start of a hall way. To get this effect, apply the design to the wall while overhanging the area you would like to cut off and simply cut the eccess with a stanley knife.

Cut from high quality vinyl, this wall sticker is designed for internal walls with a matte finish to give it that painted on effect. This decal is made from removable vinyl. To remove, simply peel off. Our whole range of vinyl wall stickers can be placed on walls, mirrors, glass and almost any clean, smooth surface.

- Design
- Transfer Film Already Applied
- Instructions
- Test Decal

Larger sizes may be made in 2 or more pieces, only where it needs to be. This makes it easy to install large designs. There will be referance points to easily align and position perfectly.

Designs are packed inside a shipping carton.
This item is shipped from Australia.