Tanning Stickers

What is a Tanning Sticker?

Tanning Stickers are a fun way to create a temporary tan tattoo which will last until your tan fades! Just ONE Sun Stencil can leave a lasting tan tattoo for over a month!* Only one pack is necessary.

Keep re-applying a fresh stencil in the same spot for as long as you want or, choose a different design. These tanning stickers are designed for creating awesome designs and shapes in your spray tan, but also can be used on the beach or solarium.

All our tanning stickers are made of a special material made to adhere to the body's contours as best as possible and are backed with a high-tack adhesive.

You can re-apply a fresh stencil each time you're tanning. Each time you use when tanning makes the design brighter. Just apply to the same place as last time.