Why are Wall Decals Becoming So Popular?

Why are Wall Decals Becoming So Popular?

For those who are unaware, wall decals are becoming very popular in not just Australia, but all around the world. Wall decals have a way of changing a space that painting colour on a wall just cannot. This is why people all around the world are falling in love with them. These days’ wall decals have also spread to other places including laptops! Here at Fixate, we offer decals for both your walls and your laptop (Macs).


Wall Decals


Listed below are the top 4 reasons as to why wall decals are becoming so popular:

1. Versatile

There are simply so many different shapes and styles that you can get. From trees to buses to even wall quotes / words, whatever type of wall decal you want, you can probably find it. You can find them in different colours as well. Wall decals are much more versatile than paint and you are able to express your feelings and emotions with wall decals. They can also be very personal and you can choose a type of decal that means something to you personally. There is a lot of choice out there (much more than just painting alone offers). No matter the type of space you have to work with, you are sure to find something that will fit!

2. Easy to use

Wall decals are actually easy to use. They are easy to apply and take off if you no longer want it on your wall. The entire process is quite simple and it is similar to that of wall paper. There is a temporary adhesive which will ensure that your wall paint will not be damaged when taking off the decals.

3. Durable

Wall decals will last for many years after initially being stuck to your wall. You are more likely to redesign your room and change the wall decal before it starts peeling. Wall decals are tough enough to also deal with most of the wear and tear that a normal painted wall would. The actual sticker is very tough and can be wiped down if it becomes dirty.

4. Prices

While it is an added expense over just simply painting a surface, the prices are very cheap. However, it is important not to scab on quality. Some companies will offer very cheap prices; however the quality won’t be up to scratch and could end up damaging your walls. All the wall decals at Fixate are of premium quality and are not likely to damage your walls, as well as this we also offer the most competitive prices.

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