Latest Trends in wall decals

October 11, 2016

Latest Trends in wall decals

Yes that is correct; we have seen the common wall sticker around for years. It started as a trend to decorate our children's walls and nurseries and has somewhat evolved into wall art, home decor and even can be used as an alternative to wall paper. With the influx of home decorating TV shows and renovation shows there is a constant need to keep up with and inventing new ways to add the wow factor to our homes.

Many people have turned to this effective way to style your room with the introduction of wall quotes, or designs, as a feature or an addition to any room whether it be for bedroom, bathroom or living room.

The latest trends are working their way to bold, designs which can become a focal point in the room such as the image below.

large removable tree wall decal

While some people are happy to go with a bright bold painting, the benefit of removable wall decals is the ability to style your home in a way that has never been seen before. Whether you choose to add your favourite wall decal quotes or really stand out with one or more wall decal designs to create full themed rooms, there usually is something that resonates with your personality and unique style.

A popular range of designs are our tree wall decals. Bringing the outdoor inside, with ranges of designs from large to small, a large varieties of trees - winter trees, spring blossom trees, dead trees and most commonly comes a choice of birds whether it be a flock of birds, owls, or love birds on a branch.

I hear you ask “how hard are they to apply? And yes that question deserves merit, and there is a plethora of YouTube videos on how to install large wall decals. However as time passes the usability has become more refined. Large designs come in multiple sections which makes application a breeze, usually one person is capable of applying a large tree wall decal by themselves.

Just as an example, if I was to put up a large painting to decorate a room I would need to work out its weight and centre point, depending on my wall type I would need to work out the correct fixings for it, if plaster I would need to locate an internal beam to fix the picture hook or multiple hooks into the upright or cross beam to ensure it is strong enough to hold the required weight, not to mention purchasing picture hooks and attaching them permanently..If it was a brick wall I would need specific hand tools to drill and attach plugs and hooks into the wall, then put up the painting and get it straight.

Now lets go back to the wall decal... It arrives at your door, you simply work out the location of placement, peel the backing paper off and attach to the wall, gently remove the clear transfer film and voila!! A beautiful piece of art which can be removed if your taste changes or you move out. So whether it be a vinyl wall decal quote or a large wall decal design, there is sure to be something to suit your new style. Browse online at Fixate today.


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