How your Wall Decal begins

How your Wall Decal begins

Before you finally get to stand back and admire your own handy work. A whole chain of events has been unraveled soon after you click ‘add to cart’ on our website!

Bing! First of all we get a message that we need to get to work, stat! At Fixate, we make all decals in house. This means we look after everything from design, creation, packing and sending. This way we are able to provide quick turnaround times and most importantly, maintain high quality wall decals for our awesome customers.

Cutting your Wall Decal

Your specific wall decal design is selected from our files and sent to be cut. All wall decals from Fixate are cut from a very thin, removable vinyl material. We use a specific material for wall decals with a matte surface to cut down on reflections and generate that painted on effect you see in our images.

Cutting is done by sending a computer generated file to a vinyl cutting machine (which we like to call Robbie.) He consists of a blade which moves left to right and rollers that feed the vinyl back and forth. With just these 4 directions of movement we are able to cut the vinyl into any design or shape you can imagine with precision accuracy down to fractions of a millimeter.


Weeding time

After the vinyl cutter has done its thing, it’s time to weed. No not in the garden. We need to remove all the excess vinyl around the design. These are the pieces that we don’t want, the little pieces between letters and the outside areas of designs. These have all got to go before we can lay a transfer film over the vinyl decal.


Applying Transfer Film

Transfer film is such a handy tool. It’s one of those things you wouldn’t appreciate until you didn’t have it! It is a clear sticky film that is carefully pressed over the entire decal. At Fixate, we apply transfer film to all wall decals before sending to you. This is to protect your design in transport and make your life a whole lot easier! As the name suggests, its purpose is to assist you when applying by picking up all the vinyl decal at once and ‘transferring’ it onto your wall in one easy move. No picking up letter by letter and lining up words with this simple technique. We provide detailed instructions in every order to get you on your way as quick and easy as possible.


Browse our wall decals online

To get your own designs created, feel free to browse our wall decals here. We would love you to become our next happy customer!

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