Cool Ways to Use Vinyl Wall Decals

Ways to Use Vinyl Wall Decals

Being hooked on wallpaper is not a bad thing. However, it does come with its challenges. If you are looking for a change from the same old wallpaper to decorate your home then think of vinyl wall decals also known as vinyl wall stickers. Every day the pool of possible wall decals gets larger and larger. The versatility on how to use them is one of their best features. There are many interesting ways you can use wall decals to give your home a stylish touch.

If you like having a space to write down things like to-do lists or schedules and want a stylish way I doing so, then a chalkboard vinyl wall sticker is the way to go. A chalkboard memo can be changed with ease. It also does not need a messy paint job, or the need of any hooks or nails which is especially handy when renting!

Headboard for your bedroom
A vinyl wall decal headboard is suitable for saving space in small rooms. There is no need to squeeze in a real headboard that could damage the wall if there is a lot of activity on the bed like children jumping on it.

Photo Gallery
Vinyl wall stickers that are designed like picture frames can make a stylish photo gallery on a wall. Instead of hanging traditional frames which may damage the wall, vinyl wall decal frames are easy to install, appear less cluttered and have a fun appearance. Placing photos on the wall and putting the wall stickers around them is considerable cost efficient than framing.

People normally forget that the shelving unit is part of one’s décor and that there exists a lot of potential there especially if it is primarily meant for display over storage. Using vinyl wall stickers on the insides of the shelves can give it a new dimension and design it lacked.

Door panels and cabinets
Buying and replacing some wooden structures such as doors and cabinets may be quite expensive. It is possible to make use of wall decals to boost their visual appeal by giving them a more detailed appearance for little money.

Festive Celebrations
Traditional festive decorations like banners and lights can be difficult and time-consuming to put up. Wall decals change the decoration process by adding a simple and elegant touch. They are easy to put up and ideal for festivities such as Easter, Christmas, Birthdays, Halloween, and others.

Vintage Window Decal
Vintage wall decals are ideal if you want to guard your privacy or set up a classy vista. They work best if you have little natural light or you are not a big fan of curtains.

Wall Decal Inspiration
Instead of wall decals having patterns or shapes, you can go for a strong inspirational message or light hearted joke by using vinyl wall sticker quotes. The quotes can be anything you like that fits your personality and home.

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